Monday, July 11, 2011

Tool #8 Using the Tools

Since I was lucky enough to get my influx of technology (thank you SBISD voters)  in January of 2010 I already know how to manage and use my teckie gizmos.  I set up an iTunes account for the library which is NOT hooked to a credit card and we started downloading apps with a vengeance. Thanks to The Library Lunch Club students get to spend their lunch break in the library relaxing with the iPads.  Since that's not "prime learning time" I can be a bit more lenient about what they can and can't do than a classroom teacher. Oh heck, it's not a "bit more" - it's a LOT more lenient. Library lunch time is exploration time.''

Given the amount of use the computers get I quickly let the student manage them.  They are responsible for both getting and putting away the laptops.  I do hand out the iPads and the iTouches (which we check out).  I've had trouble convincing some teachers that they do need to stand guard duty at the iBook cabinet.

I have two rules
1. Respect the Equipment, the library and each other.
2. No inappropriate sites.  My definition of "inappropriate" is - if looking at the site over your shoulder embarrasses you, then it's "inappropriate".

Other than the occasional wise guy who tries to go to " " the students are very good at adhering to the rules.  And best of all, they usually rat on the wise guy. Actually, the wise guys normally can't type or spell and their attempts to go to " are all for naught!

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