Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A Bit of Thrifting.......

My E-bay buddy and I went on yet another thrift store marathon. Ended up on Telephone Road in the SE part of town which is seedy to say the least. Gentrification has stalled in the slow lane. But there was a most excellent Goodwill with many, many books - and all nicely arranged. Not nicely priced. The Goodwill has delusions of grandeur these days. $3.99 for a mass market paperback. I think not.

Visited 2 shops that resell the items salvaged from foreclosed storage lockers. Oh, the flotsom and jetson of some folks lives. Much furniture, which was to be expected. Hundreds of videos. People who rent storage units prefer mindless comedies or high speed action chase films. They do not care for classic MGM films or BBC dramas. Needless to say, I didn't find anything that suited my fancy! The saddest sights were the piles of children's toys. It must be odd to have entire chunks of your life sold to the highest bidder because you fell behind on the payments.

We spent much time in Value Village since we had a 50% off coupon. Books were slim pickings but did find some clothes and some assorted odds and ends for school including an art box that is going to have new life as a treasure box. There were way to many undisciplined kids running wild making shopping difficult and dangerous. Can't for the life of me phantom why parents allow their kids to play with the toys and ride the assorted trikes and bikes in the aisles.
Actually, it isn't so much that the parents are "allowing" it, it's more that they are totally ignoring the kids who then run wild and play tag in, under and between the racks of clothing.

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