Monday, October 24, 2005

Refiguring My Life

I'm reconfiguring my life and it's left me feeling disoriented. For the past 5 months I'd been devoting much of my physical time and emotional energy toward helping my friend Pie. She's gone now and I'm very unfocused and at sea.

I'm filling in the holes in my day with the things I used to do. I've started going back to the driving range, and I played golf this weekend. It was just Par 3, we meet up with some friends, broke all the rules and had a most enjoyable time.

Had not one, but two Library Book Sales this weekend. Did well at both. I'm haunting the thrifts again and looking for books. Trying to write book descriptions. I've never liked doing those so my avoidance of that task is not at all out of the ordinary. Scouting for books is great fun, getting them listed is a tedious bore. But I can't call myself a bookseller if all I do it horde the printed word!

Now if I just master sleeping through the night I might be able to get back on track again. If it doesn't happen soon it will be time to explore better living through chemistry.


Mamacita said...

It takes time, my friend.

iliana said...

I agree with Mamacita, it takes a lot of time. And, remember to be kind to yourself. Hope you get the sleeping thing under control.

Julie said...

I'm so sorry you're having a hard time. And from your other post it sounds like work isn't exactly a picnic right now either. And when you add sleep-deprivation into the mix...! My dear, I wish you all the best.

dj sciz said...

I've been thinking of you. I remember how hard you made me laugh the day I was diagnosed with cancer. I can bet that Pie is telling wonderful stories about you, wherever she is. Take your time with the sleep. There might be something you need to "hear" when you wake up in the wee hours.