Sunday, February 05, 2006

Superbowl Thoughts

  • Mick Jagger looks damm good for a man in his late 50s. Especially considering he's not exactly lead a snow white life. And for sure he has no arthritis in his hips and knees! How'd he get lucky? I do think he's got a couple of socks stuffed in his crotch though. He did however keep his pants zipped up so we'll never know for sure.

  • So far I've not seen any particular memorable commercials, other than one sponsored by the NFL where they admitted that some folks (raising hand in agreement) really do watch the game for the commercials.

  • I've got a potentially high dollar book on E-bay, auction ending tonight and stupid me didn't snap that it's ending in the middle of Superbowl Sunday. I have fingers crossed that there are 2 bidders out there with high proxies and a good sniping program.

  • The game is really boring. Not much is happening - players run up the field, they run down the field. They fall down. They challenge the official's calls. It's all defense and on offense. This game is always more hype than substance.

  • I guess I could go to the grocery store. I bet there aren't many people shopping . But the couch is so comfortable.

  • I've seen many promos for shows I don't want to see and movies I don't want to spend money on. When it comes to me, many, many advertising dollars are being wasted.

  • Oh, the Disney World ads are spot on. I rather like the NFL photo montages of players holding the trophy too. What happened to Frito Lay and the beer companies? I've not seen a mention of their products. I bet Superbowl Sunday is their equivalent of Black Friday.

  • Oops, Pittsburgh just ran for a touchdown on the 2nd half kick off. I think they are going to win. I'd like that. My Dad was always a Pittsburgh fan.

Did you multi-task during the game? What was your activity of choice?


elswhere said...

RW and I dropped our kid at a friend's house and went to see "Walk the Line." We got there 2 minutes before showtime. There was no line, and we had our choice of seats.

There was no one out on the street, either. It was sort of eerie.

Tired Tunia said...

I took my four year old daughter shopping at Target, and then off to Friendly's for an ice cream sundae. At some point during the evening, she came out with the following: "Where is all the people? Oh, I think they are all watching that dumb football game like daddy."

Too funny. I agreed so wholeheartedly I couldn't even muster up a "dumb isn't a nice word" admonishment...

Anonymous said...

Mick Jagger is actually 62; he'll be 63 in July.