Sunday, March 18, 2007

Term Paper Syndrome

I've been suffering from term paper syndrome. Remember it? That term paper is due and you just don't want to settle down and work on it. So you come up with all these other things you must do - the house gets clean, the car washed, the laundry folded and the flower beds weeded. But that paper is hanging over your head like the Sword of Damocles. It nags, pinches and nudges you to the degree that you can't give 100% to anything you are doing because of that TERM PAPER.

This Spring Break my term paper was my taxes. My two deductions graduated - which is a very good thing but that means I lost my Head of Household Status. I have no major deductions - My Beloved gets the house since she makes so much more than I do. I had nightmares of having to fork over thousands of dollars. Putting it off didn't make any sense from a practical standpoint because if I did owe thousands of dollars I would need some time to figure out how to find the money.

Finally this afternoon, with school starting in the morning, all the books packed, the dishes clean and the flowers dead headed I had not choice but to Just. Do. It.

And then the Internet went wonky. Being a Virgo with her mind made up I decided that a little thing like that would not stop me. Our came the phone cord and I said "hello" to dial up.

After spending an hour with I found that I don't owe any money after all. No more mega refunds that I enjoyed while the girls were in school but at least I broke even.

I am not happy at having to fund the war machine. If I felt the money was going to domestic issues I wouldn't mind so much. However most of it is going overseas to make sure Cheney and his cronies will continue to make obscene amounts of money. Very frustrating.


Mamacita said...

You did your taxes already? But, but, it's not even April 14th yet!

Library Girl said...

Taxes, taxes, taxes!! I did a preliminary check on mine, and I owe this year. Sooo, I won't be doing them until April 14. They can't have my money until the very last moment! Breaking even rules - good for you!