Thursday, June 28, 2007

13 Things about Thrift Shops

Thirteen Things about Thrift Stores

1. Child having a tantrum

2. Several small children making a mess of the toy area with no parent in sight

3. A woman chatting so loudly on her cell phone that the rest of us know way more about her love life than we want to!

4. Multiple copies of "What to Expect When You're Expecting"

5. Several woman who are already expecting

6. A Singing Billy Bass (may or may not work) - not that anyone cares

7. Someone plaintively asking if there is a bathroom (there never is)

8. A pervasive smell of sweat and mothballs

9. Last years fad holiday gift - Blooming Onion makers are no longer all the rage

10. A Clear Channel Communication radio station - and during the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas it's Christmas Carols 24/7

11. Zillions of Beanie Babies - the bubble burst on those long ago

12. Numerous customers in need of a wardrobe makeover - and a good dentist

13. Treasure! Such as the 13 Leather Bound Franklin Signed First Edition books I found today

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Leslie said...

How fun! I think I have seen all of those, too, except the valuable books LOL!

Melina said...

OMG I work a 2nd job at a restaurant hostessing and numbers 1, 2 (mess all around table) 3, & 12... so can relate.

Great list! My TT is up too, 13 sexiest musicians.

Kathy E said...

Guusje, love these posts! Is there some way to subscribe to get this sent to me or do I need to just check in from time to time. Also I loved your post of Leslie.
Blessings girl!
Kathy E

VWB said...

I know you endure all the others for the chance at #13...but thank goodness for the first 12 or your posts would not be nearly as much fun to read! :-)

Rowena said...

Oh wow, I love going to the thrift store and I smiled because your list is so right! =)

Happy belated TT!

Nancy said...

oh MAN... I've never found anything as great as those books. I'm jealous.

Lulu said...

Isn't #12 always the case! Great TT! Made me laugh!

Library Lady said...

Well we don't have the Billy Bass, Blooming Onion maker or the clear channel station, but aside from that, we've pretty much got all of the others at the library where I work!