Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Life As Seen by ESPN

It’s been an all ESPN sort of day at my house (My Beloved is home with a virus).

ESPN operates from a slightly different universe than the rest of us frequent.

A comment on the unfolding NBA Gambling Scandal: “This is an international incident”

Hum, if a corrupt NBA official is an “international incident” what does that make the War in Iraq? An international catastrophe perhaps?

NFL is investigating whether Michael Vick of the Atlantic Falcons has violated the leagues “Personal Conduct Code”. Seems they aren’t sure because the lawyers never thought to include a clause regarding the torture of dogs. Guess they thought nobody would be so stupid, so heartless and so cruel. Hopefully the code will be amended.

Whether Michael Vick returns to play another day is still under discussion. Cynical me thinks he will, because in the mind of the NFL wining touchdowns trumps dead dogs any day.

Let's hope that for once professional sports does the right thing.


julie hitt said...

I agree with you, most likely Vick will play again. I hold out some hope, however, that it won't be in Atlanta. The local papers and news here describe people in an uproar over his actions and they are calling for his head on a chopping block. Somehow, when people are cruel to animals it seems to be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Fans will put up with drugs, shootings, prostitution, etc. if it means a win for the home team but the cruelty to these dogs seems to be beyond anything that the fans can accept.

Library Girl said...

I can forgive almost anything... except cruelty to animals. That man's "supposed" crimes are so heinous that perhaps the NFL didn't ever expect to have to judge someone's conduct related to animal cruelty, as you said. Perhaps the NFL thought that they would employ actual humans instead of a vicious, money hungry guy with no conscience and no regard for the lives of other beings. Simply disgusting. Shame on him, if it's true.