Monday, August 13, 2007

A Welcoming Environment?

First day back on duty; and as always it was spent in an all day library meeting. Theme for the year is connecting with students and being extra careful to ensure that the libraries feel friendly and welcoming.

Other topics of discussion - Web 2.0, social networks, blogs, wikis, pod casts and all the other new technologies the digital native use to keep in touch. I know that sooner or later the terms "real life connection" or "real world connection" will pepper an in service.

Meeting is held in a high school library. Above every computer is a large sign stating :


Perhaps the meeting should of been entitled :


Library Girl said...

Had the same. exact. thought. When are we going to free up some of these limitations?! It drives me crazy. Not to mention the fact that several of the GREAT sites we were supposed to see today were BLOCKED by the Big Brother Firewall. Lovely.

VWB said...

the irony of the situation was not lost on many...hence the question towards the end of the day to which there was not a definitive answer because there are too many factors...must be decided on campus by campus case basis I guess, because decisions are made (or handed down) in different ways...
and remember inherited problems sometimes are slow to change due to these same issues! but I think I feel a fresh new breeze blowing........