Thursday, September 06, 2007

13 Reasons I Love My Job

Thirteen Things I Like About My Job

1. Kids (well most of the time)
2. I get paid to read aloud
3. I have a ironclad excuse to buy puppets, kid lit & lava lamps
4. There is a ready made appreciative audience for any new cake recipes I want to try out.
5. Computers to play with and on
6. Long holiday breaks
7. Wonderful staff
8. Even more wonderful principal
9. 10 commute
10. Outstanding leadership from our library director and staff
11. A new and different project ever year
12. Never the same and never boring
13. Getting paid to do what I’d do for free!


Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention it. I am feeling kind of the same way about my third grade classroom these days!

Library Girl said...

I don't have all 13 of these about my own job, but I have most of them, too. And just when I was completely exhausted and wondering how I'd go tomorrow, I read your post, and I remembered why I will get up at 5:40. Thank you! Goodnight!

melscales said...

Don't tell people that you would do it for free! We all would, but don't tell people that! And I agree with you on all of them except the commute.

LKP said...

Ditto on the commute "melscales", but as you say Ms. G, I get up and do it everyday for;
ALL the great people I am blessed to work with
I couldn't afford to do it for free, but I will say that the one time I took a year off (infertility treatment--don't ask) I found myself at the public library volunteering to shelve, read to kids, or even just dust shelves/books, so I guess I am as close as I can get to doing it for free :)!