Tuesday, December 18, 2007

And Our Priorities Are ..............

A librarian at a nearby school questioned some of the teachers as to why their students were reading so few books and so rarely darkening the door of the library.
The response of one 5th grade teacher: " I don't have time to come to the library, I'm to busy getting my kids ready for the TAKS reading test. The kids don't have time to read any books - we have so many TAKS practice reading passages we need to finish."

Humm.....schools are supposed to be educating tomorrows workers and citizens. I don't think most employers consider bubbling in TAKS answers a career prerequisite.


MsAbcMom said...

That is so, so sad!

Nancy said...

I wish the children weren't seen so much as a "product" to be produced to a "standard", but rather individuals to be encouraged to learn as much as they can learn at whatever pace it is they need to take to learn it.

Since when did people come in standard bundles?

I hates me some TAKS..oh yes, my precious, I does.

Library Lady said...

And reading BOOKS won't prepare them better for reading tests?

(Sound of me banging my head against a wall and howling "oyyyyy!")