Friday, May 28, 2004

I'm on Vacation

Those of us in Education still divide the year into 2 - School year and summer and our calender runs September (though these days it's acutally August) thru May and then June & July. Our "first day of the year " isn't Jan 1, it's our first day back on duty and our "last day of the year" is the last day of school - which was today.

It's an odd feeling, a year gone. Time to reflect on what was good and what needs changing. I've still a couple of days on duty but it's sans kids so I 'll get things caught up, toss things and find things I'd forgotten I had. Lots of inservices of course- education is the only field that expects it's practioners to pay their own money and use their own time for continuing education. I realize Doctors have to do that to, but their's is always in exotic locations and is written off as a business expense.

The days slow down, there isnt' the rush to be there before the busses arrive. It's a time to regroup and regather. People who aren't in education gripe about our summers, but forget we cant' take an extra long lunch hour, slip away for a round of golf on a Friday afternoon or spend 15 min. chewing the fat round the water cooler. We are "on stage" and "in charge " for 7 hours solid and don't go anywhere without 18 little bodies in tow.

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