Monday, May 31, 2004

Listing, listing listing

June is always very slow on E-Bay- at least for me. I guess folks are just to busy with graduations, weddings and such like. So I hauled a couple of boxes out of the garage and started listing them in Sellers Assistant in preparation for the fall season.
I have this long standing goal that I'll get all the boxes in the garage emptied and listed but I don't think that is going to happen in my lifetime.

While grubbing the garage (and our garage is grubby indeed) I found things we longer need and listed them on Freecycle which is both wonderfully simple yet wonderfully brilliant. A way to find a new home for things you don't need and giving them to someone who can use them. It inspires one to clean up and toss and pitch.

So I did! I'm never going to camp again, so the camping gear when to a Boy Scout troop- given the Boy Scout's homophobia, I'd of rather it been the Girl Scouts but they asked first. Bicycle gear went a new resistant who left his biking shoes and helmets behind and a wooden kitchen and stove set went to a young family. I was saving the latter till my kids had kids, but they are 22 with no SOs in their future and I'd rather the space in the garage. There is a lovely empty corner. Downsizing is good for the soul. FlyLady would agree with me. It's odd that Freecycle has an "old hippie", here's to the counterculture feel to it, while FlyLady has a homeschool / back to basics aura, but they share a common vision. Reminds me of my days with infants when the "Natural Parenting" and homeschooling Moms had more in common than either of them wanted to admit.

The American habit of conspicuous consumption makes for strange bedfellows!

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Anonymous said...

You go, Girl! I'm at the FlyLady/Freecycle nexus myself, and I agree that it is a strange place to be. Although in the small town South where I live, Freecylers frequently end their posts (OFFER and WANTED alike) by saying "God bless you." It is very humbling to this "conspicuous consumer" what people are willing to drive across three counties to collect.