Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Light Shineth! Posted by Hello
Well, the conversion that began this summer is now 100% complete. My beloved has sold the Harley - it was on consignment at Republic. Driving down there to pick up the sellers check was her last trip to a Harley dealership. No more planning vacation trips around the locations and hours of HD dealerships. We'll most likely visit some BMW dealerships but they are few and far between.
She flew to Atlanta and bought a BMW 100RT from her buds she'd meet on the trip - they own the Atlanta dealership. Drove it back, loving every minute of it. It rides so smooth and stops (and turns) on a dime. She's already been to a a rally, the Roar to the Shore at South Padre where she enjoyed blowing past everyone who tried to pass her. So far the top speed she's achieved is 116 miles. There were a few other BMWs there and all the riders gave each other knowing winks. After all, they knew who had the superior machine!

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