Monday, October 11, 2004

Obscure Holidays

Columbus Day is one of those holidays that nobody but the Feds observe any longer. Perhaps it's a big deal in the East but in Texas it's pretty much ignored. A year or two ago the School Board snapped to the fact that it's a long stretch from Labor Day to Thanksgiving, so they dug up some little observed holidays to ensure we'd get one per month.

Today was the day. A most excellent day for a holiday since nobody else had it. My E-Bay buddy and I went thrifting in East Houston. Explored a new to us Family Thrift Center which was new, clean & not yet trashed. Found a stack of books, some jackets and other odds and ends. The other two thrifts were disappointing but the FTC is definitely worth a return trip. To bad it's not on the way to anywhere I ever go. Three of the books have already sold - easy in, easy out. Were it always so easy!

It was a picture perfect day (which is just as rare as a tidy Family Thrift Center) so once My Beloved got home we went to Memorial Park to ponk golf balls. For once my driver did what it was supposed to do and actually connected with the ball with a decent sounding "ping".

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