Saturday, April 30, 2005

A Garden in the Asphalt

Humans are a creature of habit and I'm no exception. Fridays we can leave as soon as the busses roll - our reward for suffering through faculty meetings till 4 or 4:30 on Wednesdays.

Lately, Friday afternoon is when the Salvation Army empties out multiple boxes of books and dumps them on tables. As soon as I see rear of the last yellow bus I'm in my car and on my way. I have found some real gems there, not to mention that I always need a steady infusion of newish books for my Amazon inventory.

Sometimes I make out like a bandit and and sometimes it's not worth the effort. Yesterday was one of those days ...well actually the entire day was one of THOSE days. The end of the year in an elementary school is NOT FUN. I digress .

A couple of weeks ago I went exploring in the area and found this little gem of a neighborhood a block of a busy city street. Yesterday I decided to see what was behind the Salvation Army.

Lost Grander Posted by Hello
I stumbled across an interesting mixture of urban decay

Urban Blight Posted by Hello

and little wooden houses that most likely aren't ever going to be renovated.

Renovate or Tear Down? Posted by Hello

And there is was, an urban garden created by some artists with a taste for urban living and a green thumb.

Container Gardening Posted by Hello

Urban Warehouse Living Posted by Hello

Note the Pink Flamingo! Posted by Hello

Adaptive reuse of old lockers! Posted by Hello

Recyled Iron Fences Posted by Hello
I love exploring a city on foot - you never know what you'll discover! I'll take gritty urban over pristine suburbs any day.

Good Luck Witch Posted by Hello


BrunhildeCrow said...

I love love love your photo essays! Do have your Europe pictures posted anywhere?

KarbonKountyMoos said...

Thanks for the walking tour!

Julie said...

Great photos! Guusje, I'd wanted to post a comment earlier because I recently read something funny about those pink flamingoes but I couldn't find the quote. Anyway, I also enjoyed the "walking tour."

Melinda said...

I love the photo essays you post - they're my favorites!