Sunday, January 01, 2006

Beautiful People Drop-Out

We ate our first meal of 2006 at La Strada , a Houston institution and the #1 see and be seen restaurant of the Gay Community. Normally I'm not worth seeing and I know precious few people who qualify as worthy of being "seen"so needless to say, I don't match their customer profile. The music is loud, the food decent, and the service acceptable. However the people watching is second to none, especially for someone like me who spends most their time in either thrift stores or school settings. The people watching at those 2 places is sub par at best.

No so at La Strada. Many, many twinkies - skinny queens with 6 pack abs and the bubble butts- poster children for the metrosexual look. Tight pants, equally tight shirts and expensive haircuts. The hair cut du jour is short on the side, longer on the top and spiked to a point at the top of the forehead. The place appeared to be populated by a bunch of pencil heads, each with a cell phone growing out of one ear.

The women on the other hand had pencil toes. Teachers and librarians wear sensible shoes so it's been quite some time since I've seen fashionable footwear. Just when did 4 inch heels with impossibly pointed toes come back in style?

These were worn with camisole tops, very tight, low cut jeans and thongs. No, I'm not guessing they wore thongs, I know they wore thongs. I also know the color of said thongs. And the brand.

The women not wearing jeans wore flannel pajama pants. What's with that? Not only was the temperature 78 degrees but PJs really need to stay at home.

Definitely an experience that fell into the "something new and different".

But why, oh why did they have to have the music so impossibly loud? Perhaps that was the reason for all the cell phones. The only way you could have a conversation with your tablemate was to call them!


Pigs said...

Wow...sounds like you should have taken a camera! Will you be going out to purchase some pointy-toed shoes and pajama pants to wear with your thong? Sounds lovely. ;o)

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

I so enjoy your people observational posts. I've never been to Houston but intend to go to several places like this one, when I do!

My teen daughters and I have those discussions about thongs or they tell me what they observe at school on faculty and students! (My daughters are smart enough to avoid thongs in any brand.) As for pj pants, though, they love PJ day at school. (I don't understand why it's such a huge teen thing to wear pjs for normal wear on other days, either. It's beeng happening in our area for several years now.)
HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your beloved!

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Forgot to say, I'm so with you about the horriby loud music! Not only does it make it impossible to carry on a conversation, it often gives me migraines. I adore music, just not so loud.

Dree said...

I gotta say, I agree with you on the flannel pj pants in public. I'm a huge fan of flannel pants... when I'm sitting in front of my TV on my day off, that is. And as far as seeing the thong above the jeans - oh no. I freak out if my bra strap shows. I can't even imagine.

Dee said...

hey there! it's been forever since your tag on my map, but i thought i would check your blog out. nice digs. i'll come back soon.

Julie said...

I love your people-watching posts! You are so funny, and so observant.

So, how was the food?

Anonymous said...

I agree, those pointy-toe shoes are the worst! I keep trying them on but my foot is so wide, it's hopeless.