Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Grumpy or Things That Annoy Me

I’m feeling feisty tonight – maybe it’s hormonal, maybe it’s just the after the holidays doldrums. I amused myself while driving home this evening by making lists of things That Annoy Me. I make lists, I can’t help it, I’m a Virgo.

Drivers who miss their exit and rather than going to the next one, choose to veer across 3 lanes of traffic, ignoring the other cars swerving to get out of harms way. Why are there never police cars around when you need them?

Loud cell phone conversations. Trust me, if you life is that interesting and noteworthy you’d be on the cover of People Magazine. Until they come calling, please lower your voice!

Shoddy bindings on library books. More specifically shoddy bindings on all the Harry Potter books, even when said books are bought from a library jobber and said publisher knows that said books are going to end up in a school library. The signatures should not fall out of the books on the second circulation. While they are at it, said publisher can improve the bindings on the Captain Underpants books too.

People who buy “junk food” using Food Stamps. Yesterday I ended up behind a woman who spent $93 on assorted chips and sodas and then paid with her “Lone Star Card” (Texas Food Stamps). The Texas food stamp allotment is minimal at best so that $93 was most likely a large chunk of her monthly allowance If the computers can block out diapers and toilet paper, why can’t they block out Cheetoes and Pepsi? I wonder how much Frito Lay’s contributes to political campaigns? Are we feeling cynical tonight or what?

Parents who don’t bother to get up with their kids in the morning. It was cold today. Kids showed up at school in shorts and sleeveless shirts. No coats.
“Didn’t your Mom tell you to wear a coat?”
“She was sleeping. ”.
And no, Mom does not work the night shift, the day shift or any other shift.

Loud Commercials. It is not necessary to boost the sound on the ads. All that makes me do is scramble for the remote and search for the mute button.

Hallmark Holidays. Boss’s Day, Secretary’s Day, Grandparents Day, Step Grandparent’s Day, Sweetheart Day, Mother in Law Day, Nanny’s Day, Dentist’s Day, Car Mechanic’s Day ….what’s with all these days and since when do each of them require cards, flowers and a gift? It adds up. Though if you find a good car mechanic that would be worth a card.

Blogs that sing and dance. I surf blogs in the living room while My Beloved watches TV – or be more accurate plays with her new universal remote. Tinkling music emanating from my computer interrupts her concentration. Let your words do the talking. Do remember that sentances start with a capital letter and end with a period.

And just what annoys you?


Anonymous said...

High school kids show up sleeveless, no coats, and flip-flops. I guess the winter look is not in style! AM

Lazygal said...

Trainees with no supervision during a crunch time.

Drivers who simply must honk the nanosecond the light turns green, or who tailgate at unsafe speeds.

"Customers" at B&N or Borders to stand in the aisle, reading a book and get cranky when you try to get past or see what's on the shelves near them.

These are a few of my least favorite things.

Pigs said...

People who don't spray in the bathroom. And all the things you said.

Tired Tunia said...

You can buy junk food with food stamps but no diapers? That doesn't make sense. And I must defend mothers of children who are coatless -- sometimes it is just not worth the battle. Ok, so I'm a pathetic mother who can't control a 4 year old. But hey, if it is above freezing, who cares. If she's cold, maybe next time she won't pitch a fit when it is time to put on the coat. I can dream, can't I?

MsAbcMom said...

All of the stuff you said and parents who do not invest in their children's education. They expect all the *magic* to happen at school but can't participate in it at home.

MommyProf said...

Amen on the cell phones. Bump it up one with people who have loud cell phone conversations with their wireless thingie on the wrong side of their head from me. I keep thinking people are schizophrenic.