Saturday, March 25, 2006

Clues to March Madness

Clues to March Madness

I’m not a basketball fan but March Madness is still impacts my life.
Despite attending two sports powerhouse universities (Florida State and the University of Texas) I don’t like college basketball or football. I think the idea that these sports are “amateur” is ludicrous and that the programs are nothing more than training programs for pro sports. College Basketball has an especially poor record when it comes to actually graduating their players.

However, March Madness is everywhere, especially since the University of Texas made it to The Elite Eight.

The internet connection at work slowed to a snails pace.. So slow that I couldn’t use it to teach lessons, order books or anything else legitimate. It was district wide so teachers started to howl. Turns out folks (mostly in the administration building) were watching the games on streaming video. Needless to say this did not sit well with those of us in the trenches who don’t have time to go to the bathroom, much less sit in front of our computers and watch basketball.

The grocery store was full of men this afternoon buying beer and junk food. Massive quantities of beer and very large bags of chips & pretzels. Frito Lay and Budweiser stock must be up by 5 points. The lines were long and the men were intent and on a mission. They needed to get their substance and get home and hunker down and personally cheer their team to victory.

Never mind that the game is in Atlanta.

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Julie said...

Living in Ann Arbor, MI, I can totally relate to the college sports thing. On football Saturdays we just have to stay home because of the crowds, traffic, drunken revelers. And god forbid we should go to the Rose Bowl -- which is on my son's birthday. The one good thing: watching the marching band practice.