Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Musings From Phoenix

We’re in Phoenix, AZ – it’s my Spring Break (Yeah for Spring Break!) and My Beloved has a golf school on her agenda. It just happened to be in Phoenix and just happened to take place during my Spring Break. Clever woman, My Beloved.

Assorted musings include:
Woman with large rumps should not wear Capri pants and stiletto sandals. They resemble a watermelon balancing on two toothpicks.

The checkers at the Fry’s on Baseline Road in Phoenix are delightfully friendly and helpful. Such a refreshing change from the bored, with attitude teenagers at my local Kroger.

People who frequent the library for free internet access via the library computers are sorely lacking in the social skills and will not hesitate to bite one’s head off at any imagined slight or honest mistake. I am very grateful I have my own computer.

In conjunction with that, free wi-fi is one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century.

And further more, I am very grateful I no longer work in a public library so I don't have to deal with clientele who don't want to give up their computer terminal because their time is up

Why did it take us only 3 hours to fly to Phoenix but then take 2 hours to retrieve one’s luggage and rental car? The Phoenix airport has ; in its infinite wisdom built a central rental car terminal. It’s Aggie Architecture at its best - the ramps are so tight and narrow that the shuttle buses they use can’t navigate it.

No matter what town I visit I always seem to find the day-labors site. Must have something to do with my fondness for thrift shops.

Phoenix in March is heavenly – the temps are a prefct mid 70 with not a smidgeon of humidity.

Phoenix & Scottsdale must have strict signage laws. Not only are the buildings low – I’ve seen few about 4 stories, the signs are also low to the ground. Very refreshing to eye after Houston’s visual pollution. Everything is painted in desert blending colors too – nothing garish or gaudy. The freeway noise muffling walls are inlaid with the most interesting Southwestern designs. Houston should take some lessons.


iliana said...

Hope you are enjoying your Spring Break! Lucky you :)

Anita said...

Lucky you! I'm in Wisconsin, where the temps are currently in the 40's and we think it's a heat wave. I agree about the Capris and Wi-Fi.

Melinda said...

Friend, you said a mouthful! So far, in my extensive 3-month tenure as a public library reference librarian, I have learned the following: people who come to the library every day to use the internet often have Big Problems. Both social and hygenic. Earlier this week, when I had to explain to an elderly gentleman that I could not "fix" the slowness of the online games website he was using, he leaned back and began shouting "You're LYING to me! You're LYING to me!" over and over again.


Hope you are enjoying your vacation.