Sunday, June 18, 2006

Random Ponderings

Random Ponderings

Why; when the line is 20 deep and it’s 15 minutes till the post office closes; do some people choose that moment to dither over their choice of stamps? Do they really think the envelope opening machines at the light company have eyes?

How can anyone undertake an airplane journey these days without a good book? Or an ipod, a computer or needlework? Given the delays that come with air travel how can anyone sit and do nothing for hours at a time? I’ve noticed the same phenoneum when called for jury duty.

The left lane is for cars who are going the speed limit – or in Texas for cars who are going well above it, not below it!

Commercials – why are they so loud? They aren’t supposed to be but when a golf tournament broadcast goes from a quiet murmur to a loud shout it’s quite apparent that it is otherwise.

The shrub has decided that the country needs an amendment forbidding gay marriage.
It would seem that with the war in Iraq, the rise in gasoline prices, the state of infra-structure, the impending hurricane season and the ineptitude of FEMA that there would be more important things to worry about. The frightening thing is that the shrub only has to pull out his favorite minority-whipping group and his supporters start to rally round the flag boys, rally round the flags. I guess fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice same on you no longer applies.

There is nothing better than a cozy rainy Sunday. Somehow sitting on the couch, reading a book or surfing the net with my beloved near by makes all the minor distractions of the world fade away.


Julie said...

Guilty as charged. I'm one of the people who dithers over the stamps. So what if it's opened by a machine? It still makes me happy to have a pretty stamp. Or a stamp that makes a statement. However, I only do that at the post office that has a separate line just for stamps (the "Stamp Boutique" they call it, I kid you not).

risingsunofnihon said...

Whenever I fly, I bring a backpack loaded with my iPod, several books, my PSP, etc. I also bring my laptop, fully charged and ready to go. And I never, ever end up using any of those things!! Could be because all my flights are of the international variety and the long-haul planes invariably have full in-flight entertainment systems on them.