Friday, June 02, 2006

Garage Sailing From the Opposite Side of the Fence

Friend of mine and I are having a garage sale tomorrow. At her house, since she has a big front lawn and nice long driveway. I love my house but we have no front lawn at all – and the street is so very narrow. It means I have to haul my stuff so I’ve been lifting that barge and toting that bale.

It’s been all about cleaning out cupboards and loading up the car. I filled it twice and it is full again, waiting for tomorrow morning. 6 boxes of kitchen stuff is outta here. I am downsizing – there are just 2 of us, I don’t need 6 skillets and 5 pie pans. The clothes closet got a pass through and the Amazon inventory a drastic culling.

I’ve an ad in the paper and a posting on Craigslist. Heaven would be an aspiring bookseller who offers to buy all the books. I could tell them that I used to be a bookseller but decided to get out of the business. Do you think I’d be struck dead for lying?

So the house is 3 carloads lighter when it comes to STUFF. I love purging stuff, we have to much of it as it is.

And it better not rain!!!!


MsAbcMom said...
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MsAbcMom said...

We seriously have to hold a garage sale here at my house. We have tons of room, a large street and tons of stuff to fill the garage sale with. The problem is that I just can't deal with getting ready for the sale!!!!! I have to do it soon though. Maybe I will wait until I am off track...

Good luck and I will cross my fingers for no rain for you!

Julie said...

Three carloads -- how heavenly! I love purging, too. No packrat here! I cleaned out closets last weekend, including my own, and filled 15 grocery bags with old clothes. Alas, they're still lined up neatly in the hall. Gotta figure out what to do with them.