Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Different Perspectives

Me to child: "How was your weekend?"

Child: “Boring, we had to drive my Dad around all weekend. But I did have lots of time to read”

Me: "Oh, why did you have to drive your Dad around?"

Child: “He lost his license”

Me: " So you had to take him to DPS to get a new one?"

Child: "No. the judge took it away from him for 6 months."

Me: “Oh”.

Encouter #2

Another Child: "I’m going to go see my Dad at Thanksgiving”.

Me: "How wonderful , I bet you are really excited!"

Child: " I’ve only meet him once in my life, he’s been in jail. But now he has a stable job so I’m going to go see him”.

Me: “Oh”

I seem to be saying “Oh” a great deal of the time!

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moos said...

Oh no. . .