Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things for Thanksgiving

Oh course it's a cliche but what else could one write about for a Thanksgiving Thursday Thirteen but Thirteen to be thankful for........

  1. My Beloved. We're about to celebrate 10 years together. I can't imagine what life would be life without her. It might be a bit more predictable but it wouldn't be nearly as interesting. And fun.
  2. My 2 Daughters. Bright, successful, finished with college and doing well on their respective coasts. And having no desire to join the army and become cannon fodder in Iraq.
  3. My Job. While I do hate it when the alarm goes off and resent the fact that I can't go to Friday estate sales I'm still very lucky to get to spend my day surrounded by books and computers and kids. The day never drags and it's never mundane or boring. Teachers aren't paid nearly what they are worth but I can't imagine doing anything else for a living (other than selling books).
  4. My Mother. Decided (along with my Father) to downsize, sell the house, leave Miami and moved to North Carolina, close to where my brother lives. She made it so easy for us, unlike many of my generation we aren't going to struggle with "what to do with Mom".
  5. My Other Job. Over the past 6 years I've been building up an Internet Book Selling business. It's growing nicely and will dovetail nicely with retirement plans. It fits perfectly with My Beloved's golfing passion. Where there are golf courses there are thrift shops - or given the average age of most golfers - estate sales.
  6. The Internet. It's changed my life. It's given me My Beloved, my book selling, a column for Bookthink and host of friends to book scout with.
  7. The Kitties. Always warm, fuzzy and full of purrs.
  8. My Principal. When you work in an elementary school the Principal can make your job a joy or hell on earth. They can support you in everything you do or thwart you whenever possible. I am so grateful my principal is of the former and not of the latter persuasion.
  9. Our House. 8 years ago we gambled and bought a lot in the last undeveloped section of the Houston Heights. We rolled snake eyes and the neighborhood is booming. And we love the house.
  10. My Health. Yes my knees creak, there's an extra 20 lbs I can't seem to shake and my eyes aren't what they used to be. Considering health issues friends are facing those are all small potatoes.
  11. Houston. Yes, it's big, sprawling, the traffic is horrid and the weather worse. But it is also vibrant, diverse and full of opportunity.
  12. Living in America. And not in Iraq, Iran, The Sudan, China, Darfur or Afghanistan or any of the sad and violence plagued places on this earth.
  13. Being Alive 2006. And not in the Middle Ages, where I'd be dead in childbirth before the age of 25. Or in Tudor times where freedom of religion was not an option. Or in the US in the last century when being Gay was a crime.

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MommyBa said...

Excellent list!

Happy Thanksgiving!

i am jen [with1n] said...

Great list!
Welcome to TT!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Teena said...

Great list!

Mine's up too :)

moos said...

Thanks for sharing!

Mags said...

Thanks for the compliment and the encouragement earlier! Very good list-and congrats on 10 years.

Library Mama said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I enjoyed your list immensely.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

huberama said...

great list - welcome to the TT! and I agree with you, Philippa Gregory writes terrific historical fiction.

Mom's Secret Life said...

Sounds like a marvelous list! I've never ever heard anyone be grateful for Houston...that's a first for me (I grew up in Austin, though, about a million years ago).

Mitch said...

Nice list... a lot of those would be mine. Thanks for the Read.


Tink said...

Great list! You have a lot to be thankful for, and so do I. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

I enjoyed finding out more about you from your list. I have a wonderful principal as well.

I included Thanksgiving Misconceptions with my list.