Friday, December 08, 2006

13 Observations About Jury Duty

Thirteen Things about Jury Duty

The parking garage was designed by architects in Europe where a Mini- Cooper is considered a big car. This does not translate well to Texaian where a Ford F10 is considered a small car. In this parking garage 2 Expeditions take up 3 parking places. Two Chevy trucks parked opposite each other create an aisle so narrow that a Hummer got stuck between them. It made me giggle.

The room is full of people waiting. The chairs resemble those in the airports (and are about as comfortable too) but the atmosphere is totally different. The airport always has a happy excited hum about it, of people coming and going, meeting up with family, going on their dream trip or heading out for new adventures. Not so the jury assembly room. The atmosphere is one of painful resignation.

The majority of the people are Anglo. This is not a jury of of “your peers” in a county where at least 50 % of the residents are African American or Hispanic. Of course you do need to speak English, be a US Citizen and have no criminal record so that would disqualify a number of the citizens of Harris County.

The information video is being played for the 3rd time. Nobody is listening.

I’m amazed at how many people have brought nothing at all to do. The better dressed a person is , the more likely they are to be occupying their time with something other than sleeping.

Having to be somewhere at 8 rather than 6:45 meant I got a sleep an extra hour. That’s a good thing!

There is no wireless access in this room. That’s a bad thing.

I wonder where the closest Starbucks is?

It’s only 3 weeks before Christmas and 1 week till my Christmas break. I sure hope I’m not chosen. I know this marks me as a “bad citizen”. The video says I’m very important. I’m not feeling especially special.

“Vor Daire” pronounced with a Texas accent sounds like the name of a small town in West Texas.

I hope my laptop battery holds old!

It’s easy to spot the cigarette smokers. They are all fidgeting.

The very large woman in front of me has her hair pulled back in a short pony tail. The bow is bigger than her head. That makes her a bow head. I would hate the thought that my life was I the hands of a bow head.

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amy said...

GOod list! I had to go by myself to jury duty downtown Atlanta..It wasnt has bad as i thought it would be but i saw lots of interesting people