Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wonder What He'll Say..

Jerry Falwell died today. While I am sorry for his family who I assume loved him and will miss him I must admit I'm not sorry and I won't miss him. Well, I'll miss his absurd statements and his insistence that he had a private phone line to God but I think the world can do without his bigotry and small minded opinions.

I am quite sure he was convinced that not only did he have a private line to God, he also had a one way ticket to heaven.

What do you think his reaction will be when he finds that heaven is populated with Gays, Feminists, People who died of AIDs, People of Color, Democrats, Divorced Women, Jews, and many other represenatives of the groups that he blamed for all of America's ills.

Do you think he'll request a transfer?

P.S. My favorite quote on his death "Praise the Lard".


Nancy said...

I'm not sure he'll ever get as far as Heaven to see who's there...

but I do suspect he'll have someone to apologize to for an eternity.

Library Girl said...

I don't know... I fear that all kinds of people get into Heaven b/c they repent *just* when they know they're on the way to the light. Perhaps we'll have to mess with him once we get there. (Or maybe we can communicate to those already there to have some fun on our behalf?!)