Sunday, June 06, 2004

Of Golf, the Gipper and The Heat

So the Gipper's body has finally gone to meet his mind. Can't say I'm sorry, when a 93 year old man with Altzheimer's dies, it's more of a blessed relief and certainly not a tragedy. The tragedy was that nobody will ever know what really happened during his presidency, that his memory was gone before the scholars could probe it. Of course the media is on full blown overdrive and are acting like it's the most history altering event to come down the pike. Call me cynical

So we escaped to the golf course, which does not allow radios, TV's or cell phones. The older I get the more I appreciate these civilized touches. Not that I am any good at golf but it's a sport for optimists - you can always assume your next shot will be better. Of course it rarely is, but hope springs eternal in a golfers soul. And the clubhouse had the golf channel on - so we were spared the endless news loops and rehashes.

But it's hot- the Houston summer is on us with a vengeance. The beer at the 19th hole tasted divine!

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