Monday, August 01, 2005

Galloping Through the Day

Up at 5:30,dress, feed cats, tend to cat litter boxes, zip through Starbucks, at work by 7am. Hang flags, unpack stuffed animals and puppets (I have hundreds), set up new books, tinker with Accelerated Reader, catalog Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, try to help new teachers feel less confused, shuffle 2 months worth of mail and muse on math manipulatives, schedule classes, answer questions, questions and more questions. Lesson plans still await me. Set Outlook profiles, fiddle other teacher's computers - it's amazing what happens when you plug the thing in!

Leave work, duck in and out of the rain drops and zip in and out of the post office, office supply store, grocery store and dollar store.

Home to unload, opt for bread, cheese and fruit for dinner. Answer e-mails, list books, tend to auctions.

Head upstairs - I have books to pack before I sleep.

Can you tell summer break is OVER?

I expect to spend the next week in an exhausted stupor.


Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Hope someone massages your feet after these long days! I admit to super speedreading this post b/c I still have some summer left, although I now work ALL summer.

I used to have summers off before I had children for about 2 years; now I'm self-employed and work long hours. I have to answer to myself though, and those voices in my head already have quite a conversation. LOL ;)

elswhere said...

Yep, I feel your pain. I'm about 3 weeks behind you here.

Stuffed animals and puppets! You are so cool! Where do you put them? What do you do with them?