Friday, July 29, 2005

It's Over..........

If you ever read any teacher blogs, you'll note that in April they get cranky. By May they are permeated by a certain giddy excitement. During June and July they become very eclectic. But by August they should all be bordered in black. Our summer days are ticking away, today is my last.

I really do enjoy my job. I feel lucky that I get up every morning to spend my time with congenial staff and a principal I like and admire. When I think of people who spend 8 hours day trapped in a cube doing something repetitive, meaningless and boring I realize that I am fortunate indeed.

But it's the structure that I dread. During the summer my days are like custard, sweet, slippery and willing to take any form or format I wish. During the school year they resemble crackers - neatly divided into tight little squares with no wiggle room. Like crackers, if something unexpected comes up (broken car, illness, friend in town) the day falls apart and crumbles beyond repair.

No rolling over one more time after the alarm goes off, no lingering over coffee, reading an extra chapter in my book, lingering in the store, having a leisurely lunch with a friend.

Nope, it's back to split second timing, dumping in a load of laundry on my way out the door, hitting the grocery store during the 5 o'clock rush, flinging dinner together and dashing upstairs to pack the E-bay books. Always watching the clock and trying to grab the minutes as they slip way. And never, ever quite being all caught up.

Oh well, it's only 4 months till the Winter break!


E said...

Oh...I feel your pain! I guess the bright side is you have that respite in the summer time! Hope the school year starts off well for you!

Thanks for visiting me yesterday!

SilverMoon said...

Hi G! I love this phrase of yours "my days are like custard, sweet, slippery and willing to take any form or format I wish." -

You all return to work before we do. Among my varied lifestye, I have worked in a school system. Hope you'll visit me at this blog, too when you are able to.

Best wishes for a terrific school year. The library was my favorite place when I was in school as a student. I'm sure you bring joy to every student at your school.

Janet said...

I won't be a "cracker" again for about a month, but I'll be setting up again before you know it...

Julie said...

You have all my sympathy!

Our district has finally come up with an acceptable contract, so it looks like school will be starting on time after all. But not for another three weeks.

Gonna go make some custard now.

Erin said...

Love the way you describe August . . . I miss my lazy mornings and long walks so much after just a week. Oh well, there's always next summer. :)