Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Effects of a Lunar Eclipse

Today was not normal.

Thunder and lighting accompanied the dismissal bell. Along with the pollen, the rain washed all the common sense away too. A couple of teachers unfurled their umbrellas and led their children around the busses to load them. The result: 1 dry teacher and 15 wet children. Others dumped their kids in the hall and ran. The result: 300 confused kids with inadequate supervision.

I went to Kroger to get gas. The clerk informed me that the system is down and they can’t accept cash. I knew a cashless society was coming, just didn’t expect it to arrive quite so soon. The result: a quick trip to another gas station. In the rain.

Fourth Grade went on a field trip, which meant in an early lunch for them and tweak in the schedule for everyone else. Teachers assumed that dropping their kids off 10 min. early didn’t mean they needed to pick them up 10 minutes early too. The result: 40 minute lunches and chaos in the cafeteria.

I’m teaching myself how to use the Activ Board. Sometimes it does what I want it to and sometimes it doesn’t. The result : Frustration on my part.

Got home and and saw all the chat about the Lunar Eclipse on one of my list servs.
Suddenly the reasons for today's muddles all became clear.

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