Sunday, February 03, 2008

Not Me & I Didn't Do It

There is a new addition to the Library Lunch Bunch. It's our old friend "Not Me".

"Who dumped the tray in the trash? " (they are supposed to be stacked)
"Not me"

"Who spilled their milk on the table and didn't clean it up? "
"Not me."

"Who didn't drink their milk?"
"Not me."

"Not Me" has a cousin by the name of "I Didn't Do It"

How are the CDs getting switched?"
"I didn't do it"

"Isn't that your napkin on the floor?"
"I didn't do it."

"Were you running? "
"I didn't do it."

"Who left their lunch kit on the table?"
"I didn't do it?"

I'm getting very anonyed at "Not Me" and "I Didn't Do It". Friday I sent 10 "Not Mes" back to the cafeteria and told them they weren't welcome to come back till "Not Me" had a name and face.

Since it's rather doubtful that "Not Me" can pass the TAKS test nobody will mind if he withdraws from school. Had, he however been a candiate for Academic Recognition we'd be stuck with him till the end of time - or the TAKS test, whichever comes first.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if you and/or your students would want to do this meme?

Here's how it works. Follow the bride rhyme, and do a post for each SOMETHING--old, new, borrowed, blue. More details are posted here:

Join us and have some fun with it. Robin