Saturday, January 03, 2009

Big Universe

I really should read School Library Journal more often!
The December issue featured a story on electronic books and introduced me to Big

Now this is a fine example of the Web 2.0 at its best! I can so see kids getting creative.

Here's my first published effort : The Library Lunch Club

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Thursday 13 - 13 Good Things About 2008

The general opinion of the Blogsphere is that 2008 was a year to forget, to kick out the door and one many people hope will never come round again. In my standard glass half full mentality there were some positive events.

1. Daughter #2 got married to a delightful young man. We couldn’t be more

pleased with our new SIL.
2. We visited Daughter #1, meet her boss, viewed her workplace and were impressed.
She’s happily settled (and has health insurance!)
3. The wedding of Daughter #2 went off without any serious hitches and a

wonderful time was had by all.
4. My book business continued to do very well and it continues to grow.
5. Progress was made at chipping away at Mount Debtmore (see #3)
6. Given I work in a school that serves this country’s fastest growing ethnic group

I’d say I have pretty good job security.
7. My beloved works builds medical facilities - whose demand grows as

the baby boomers age . She has job security too.
8. As much as I hate my alarm clock I still really do love my school, my school and

my fellow teachers.
9. I still work with the best bunch of librarians in the state. Our director continues

to challenge me.
10. Web 2.0 delighted and astounded me. It makes life-long-learning fun.
11. We stayed healthy
12. Hurricane Ike did not destroy our house or disrupt our life to much.

Many others were not so lucky.
13. We have a new President Elect – and he’s one reason 2009 will be outstanding!

The Thursday Thirteen Site is suddenly MIA. I hope it returns PDQ!