Wednesday, June 30, 2010

From My Other Blog....Accessing Information

I'm locked in a hospital room with My Beloved (who has a blood clot) and thus have time to work on my 5.75 Things.

I'm actually enjoying the entire experience - The Things that is, not the hospital room. It's nice to use my brain again.

Here's the result of yesterday evenings web crawl..... Accessing Information

Monday, June 28, 2010

I Now Have Another Blog

Having done The 23 Things, The 11 1/2 Things I am now embarking on the 5.75 Things.

The latter calls for a brand new blog, which I've just created.

However, in an attempt to keep myself organized and this blog updated I'm going to cross reference my posts on my original blog. The first one is entitled "Bringing It All Together".
I'm going to attempt to teach myself how to do Book Trailers.

Dusting off the Blog

.......Hummmm it's been way, way to long...and since I left and came back Blogger has undergone a face lift. I may even change the look of this one....change after all is good! Plus, I'd love to be able to add widgets at the flick of a keystroke.

Thought for the day...

I found myself behind a car with the following bumper stickers
The window rolled down, a hand emerged and dropped a cigarette butt on the ground......well tobacco is a vegetable..... but still....