Sunday, May 03, 2009

There Aren't 2 Levels of Health Care...

.... in America ...there are three. I always knew that there was a world of difference between health care for the those with insurance and those without. I now there is yet a third - one for those with insurance + money or friends in high places.

My Beloved had knee surgery and which resulted in complications. Six days after the surgery she developed a blood clot in her calf, which necessitated a 5 day hospital stay. She's currently building a new building for Methodist Hospital, so of course it was her venue of choice.

One thing lead to another she ended up on "Fondern 12" - the floor where the hospital houses the rich and famous. Barbara Bush stayed there during her recent surgery. It's one of the crown jewels of Methodist and nothing is spared to ensure the patients are as comfortable as possible.

Large, spacious private room complete with a dining table and chairs, coffee table, recliner , couch and chair... .. and oh yes, a hospital bed. Think Hyatt meets hospital.

Wi-Fi, cable television, 2 phones, a ratio of 4 patients per nurse + nursing assistants and "patient care coordinator" whose job it was to ensure that nothing went wrong. The level of care was right out of a Sue Barton book.

And best of all... a private chef on the floor and room service from 6am to 8pm. No powdered eggs on plastic plates at 6am for the residents of the 12th floor. They dined on omelets, served on china, with linen napkins and a fresh rose on the wooden tray. Lunch was equally delicious and at 4pm one of the staff made the rounds to share the daily special - and "would Madam desire it, or would Madam prefer the snapper with crab meat that Madam enjoyed yesterday?". Madam ate very well indeed. Madam's other half tromped down to the hospital cafeteria and had salads in plastic bowls. Whenever Madam was thirsty she called and a chilled Sprite Zero complete with stemmed glass and ice appeared on a tray. Madam was royally spoiled.

So spoiled that on her first day at home she looked at me and said "I'd like some tofu with sauteed squash and red peppers for dinner".

I looked at Madam and said "there aren't any squash or red peppers in the fridge and you're not at Fondern 12 any longer". Madam is feeling much better but is mourning the loss of her personal chef.