Monday, September 06, 2004

100% Conversion

Well, it happened. My Beloved took her bike down to Republic Harley Davidson and is working with them on selling it. Could have knocked me over with a feather. I knew a BMW motorcycle was emminet but thought she'd buy it in addition to the Harley. In fact I was thinking that all things do indeed have a silver lining - a second bike would mean that she would finally have to clean out the garage. 1/4 of it is mine, 3/4 of it is her's and it's piled full of boxes of stuff she hasn't wanted to deal with. Filing paperwork bores her to distraction.

But no, in a sudden moment of financial prudence she's decided that she doesn't ride enough to justify two bikes. BMWs not only cost less, but they are lower maintance. They are also a well performing bike - nothing corners like a BMW.

The BMW is already lined up - going to buy it from BMW Bob, whom we meet on the Edelweiss Tour. He's giving her a good price and I bet wants to use her testimonial in an ad. Harley's are commplace she says, everyone has one. 10 years ago they weren't all that common, especially for a woman but now - well- My Beloved never wants to be part of the mainstream. That's a trait she shares with our oldest daughter, who also turns her nose up at anything -be it music, clothes, books or fashion once it's commonplace.

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