Saturday, September 25, 2004

What ever happened to public service?

Lost my cell phone. Very anonying. Think it fell off my belt between point A and point B. Back tracked and it wasn't anywhere. Called, reported it lost, arranged for a new one which I was supposed to pick up the next day. Seemed easy enough.

But it wasn't. Cingular replaces the phone and the accessories - in other words the black leather carrying case it lived in. Cingular store had a phone - actually it's a nicer phone , it takes pictures. They were out of the case. So I asked if I could take the phone and come back for the case. No, couldn't do that - they had to close out the entire thing, they couldn't do a partial. I could either do without a phone till the case came in or go to another store. At 6pm. In Houston rush hour traffic. After working an 11 hour day.

I thought not. They thought yes. I asked for the manager. Was told he wasn't there. Requested the person in charge. Was told nobody was in charge. Suggested they phone the next higher up.
They said it might take some time. Retorted with I had my book, a latte from the nearby Starbucks and would be glad to wait till they located a person in charge.

And low and behold, I got a phone and a rain check on a case. Which is all I asked for in the first place. Why did it take getting testy and grumpy? Especially since the request wasn't unreasonable in the first place?

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