Saturday, September 25, 2004

Booksale Frenzy

Tis the season of the library booksales. This is the time of year when I acquire a the bulk of my E-Bay inventory. It runs from September till end October and then goes into haituts till March. My e-bay buddy and I have been to so many that we know the regulars.

First there are the pros - a group that once consisted of overweight people with bad hygiene and a passion for Science Fiction and Fantasy. Now, with the onslought of the internet they have been joined by folks who know from nothing about books but have a cell phone with internet access. I don't mind them, except for one group who moves in a pack. Two or three fan out, grab stacks of books and deposit them in front of the man with the cell phone who looks up the ISBNS and cherry picks the lot.

We deal in children's books so we get to contend with the homeschoolers. They move in packs too, Mom in her dowdy jumper and tennis shoes, accompanied by a minimum of 4 children and a stroller the size of a Mini Cooper. Said stroller is always wide enough to block an entire aisle.
The children, who don't seem to have been schooled in public manners amuse themselves by playing tag under and around the tables. Given the crowds at the sales and said strollers this is not a good thing. And then there is the occupant of the stroller who is hot and miserable makes sure everyone knows this. Everyone else gives thought to calling a truant officer and wonders just why anyone would bring a toddler to such an event in the first place. They buy stacks and stacks and stacks of books - many must have a library to rival that of any school in their house.

Some book sales are starting to ban srollers, wagons and anything with wheels and while it would put a crimp in my booksale activities, I must say I think it's a good idea. I knew the one we attended yesterday had narrow aisles so I opted for a couple of canvas bags.


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Maud would be so disappointed.

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No, not "onslought". Try again.