Friday, September 03, 2004

What a difference 100 more kids makes...

We picked up 150 + extra kids due to boundary changes and what a difference it is making. The library seems to be going non-stop, especially on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays! The kids keep coming and coming and coming. The classes are bigger - most of our teachers are at their class limit and we've added two new teachers besides. The students we inherited from another school aren't used to routines & rules. All of us are spending a great deal of time and effort in teaching them that at Housman kids don't run, walk in line and respect their teachers.

I am so grateful to have an assistant not many librarians have that luxury. I think I'd run screaming from the place were it not for Joyce. No way could we run the program we do without her. School has only been in session for 3 weeks and we've already checked out 4,500 books.

We gave out High AR Point passes today- always fun. The kids who earn them are so excited - Jerona lets me do a "come on down' over the intercom. A large crop lost theirs due to not reading, some of whom we will miss and some of whom we most certainly won't. The latter earned theirs due to class reading done with their teacher and not due to efforts on their own. Left on their own devices they would rather do as little as possible - and did.

3 day weekend coming up - yeah! I will miss my Monday though, which I use for catch up since nobody wants to come to the library on Monday- due to said 3 day weekends!

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