Monday, May 30, 2005

E-Bay Buddie, Me, Betsy-Tacy Friend Posted by Hello


mikki said...

Hey Guusje! So nice to see B-T photos, as usual! You and Michele never seem to change but I think Marlena has grown her hair - looks nice! :))

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

So nice to see you three looking so happy! I've often wished internet pals lived close by. I'm close friends with a select few; we just clicked (no pun lol) like you all did.

It's distance and lack of funds for plane fare that has kept us from meeting because if within driving distance we already would ahve met! It will happen in the future.

Thank goodness for free cell phone minutes! :) (One was through an online word game.) Glad all of you had a fab time!

Steffi said...

Hey, Guusje, this is a sneaky way to get us to your blogspot--you know we want to read about a meeting!

Hope you're feeling better. Happy last day of school.

Gail said...

I usually 'see' you on the bookboards, it was interesting to see a real picture of you. Now if you would just explain how to pronounce your name!:}


iliana said...

Hello Guusje! I just discovered your blog - thank you so much for linking mine. Yeah for 'meeting' another bookworm.

I'll be looking around and coming back for more visits :)