Monday, May 23, 2005

Goin' Down Like Ninepins

Last Thursday there was a wing ding to celebrate our Assistant Principal's promotion to Principal. Don't get all excited, a teacher wing ding at Title I school means potluck, with the
"Sunshine Committee" springing for a ham. Go check out A Series of Inconsequential Events if you want to see what constitutes a wing ding on the other side of the school tracks.

And on Sunday I started having "symptoms" and spending way to much time in the bathroom. Being the stoical type I chalked it up to a stomach bug and soldiered on. But it was still with me on Monday. It took a long time to get dressed. Thought about not going in, but remembered that my assistant who walks on water wouldn't be in today. She got tapped to help write "The Campus Improvement Plan". Teacher speak for "what are we going to do next year to ensure our science scores get out of the cellar".

Assistant was also feeling very queasy and had spent way more time than she normally does in her bathroom too. The look for the day was slightly green around the gills and the nurse saw steady traffic - and it wasn't from kids. 12% of the staff called in sick. Add in those stalwarts who came in anyway and the figure would be closer to 20%.

Subs were called but many didn't show. No sensible sub works the last week of school - they value their sanity. Only the desperate for money or lacking in common sense and foresight will accept a job. We caught one holed up in a classroom reading a book while her kids ran wild outside without any supervision at all. When asked where her kids were she looked up and said "outside playing".

And of top of everything else the air conditioning was out. The temperature reached a record 95 degrees.

Food poisoning + no air conditioning + 600 wild and crazy kids does not make for a happy and harmonious campus.


Julie said...

Oh dear. Our whole family was down recently with, um, digestive problems. We're a family with strong stomachs and these things usually pass us by, so it was all the more shocking. Even after diligent cleaning there's still a faint odor of vomit in the minivan. Too much info? Sorry! Anyway, Guusje, best wishes for a speedy recovery!

KarbonKountyMoos said...

We're big on the potlucks here in Montana, too. I'm always leery of anything in mayo - and not knowing who prepared what.

Hope that you & the other victims are feeling better soon.

Pigs said...

Yeah, I wish we could send some of our wing ding to your school! We ought to come up with a trade out program this summer. Even for supplies. Good gracious, you wouldn't believe the perfectly good supplies and personal belongings these kids junk. Our lost and found is 12 garbage bags of Gap going to Goodwill this week. It's depressing. A lot of our teachers go through it and get really great stuff for their kids!