Thursday, May 12, 2005

Overheard.... Starbucks this morning:
Coffee Maker A (young, female, assorted piercings and heavy rimmed glasses): "I went to the library to see about starting my community service".

Coffee Maker B (young man, not quite as many piercings); in an amzaed tone "you mean you haven't started yet?"

Coffee Maker A "No, I'm to busy, I don't even have time for a pedicure, much less do community service"

Leave, non fat latte in hand with a mental picture of a young woman committing petty crimes with perfectly painted toenails. And who has her priorities somewhat askew.

I wonder if she shoplifted nail polish?

I think I'll start to patronize another Starbucks. This morning's conversation was way to much TMI for 6:30 in the morning.


Library Lady said...

This is why I frequently wear a walkman radio when shopping--usually tuned to NPR so I can hear some intelligent talk!
Shamefully, I am probably one of the last people in America who never EVER goes to Starbucks. (And I expect one of these days the lifestyles police will be coming to issue me a citation!)
There are many, many coffee places-(at least 10) in the neighborhood where I work but it's all wasted on me--I'm strictly a Pepsi girl!

Like the new look for the blog, BTW!

Julie said...

Oh, ha ha! I wouldn't go there any more either.

alice, uptown said...

TMI for you, but very funny for me. I am always amazed by what I overhear, particularly halves of cell phone conversations on public transit that really don't concern me (or the rest of the passengers) at all.

elswhere said...


Maybe it was community service for school, though? Lots of high schools and colleges require it.

Still, yeah, with the nails and all, it's pretty funny.

KarbonKountyMoos said...

Oh no! I've never been in a Starbucks, either. . .