Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Events Continue

Whatever planet it is that governs how well things work is most definitely retrograde at the moment. Not only did we have a Series of Unfortunate Events at our B& B we have also have an equally Series of Unfortunate Events with our car. The back window got stuck in the “down” position. In true Southern fashion we Gerry rigged a fix of sorts using a cardboard box and duct tape. My sister in law informed us that the car has now found “its inner mullet”. It made quite an impression on valets at the Grove Park Inn, since not many of their guests drive cars held together with duct tape. At least the cardboard box once held 12 very nice bottles of wine, which gave it a bit more class than say, a Moon Pie carton.

Then heading home, down I-59 from Tuscaloosa, directly into the path of Tropical Depression Cindy the windshield wipers gave up the ghost. At least there was a dealership in Tuscaloosa, the cell phones worked and best of all the dealership has wireless internet to keep us amused while the car was fixed.

At this point we are holed up in a motel in Louisiana, where I am musing on stealing the shower curtain so we can upgrade to plastic.


Julie said...

Even a Moon Pie carton is better than the huge cardboard box my parents have in their tv room, a box left over from my grandma's last illness, a box of Depends. She died in 1990. But they still use the box.

My husband is a huge fan of duct tape, and wire hangers, for fixing almost anything. Must be that Dutch Calvinist thrift thing.

Candace said...

"Inner mullet" -- snerk!

KarbonKountyMoos said...

Did you upgrade?!