Sunday, July 10, 2005

Time abhors a Vacuum

Ever notice that just when you think you might have nothing to do LIFE rushes in and ensures that your cup once again overflows? It's summer, I'm not working the girls are living on their respective coasts and I should be a lady who lunches. Right? Wrong!

My summer is fast disappearing. Of course I did put in a week of my own time cataloging the math manipulatives. I don't think there is an elementary school librarian in the country who cares for Marilyn Burns. She may be a great math teacher but a pox on her base ten blocks, pattern blocks and tangrams.

Redid the E-Bay office, since the books were spilling out into the hall. We have kittens again, so I'll put in a day trying to trap them so I can get them spayed. Devoted a couple of days to serious thrifting and 2 days to library sales that proved to be not worth the trip. But you don't know that till you try. Stuffed books into my auction program in the hopes they will sell once the Holiday buying season starts again.

All teachers schedule their doctor appointments during the summer, as well as any 8-5 sort of things that normal folks can do on their lunch hours (teachers don't get lunch hours, we get a lunch break). A friend is very ill and I've been helping her out by taking her meals and running her errands.

Our first "official" day back is August 1, but the last week of July will be taken up with semi mandatory inservices, so that leaves me just 2 weeks.

And once again, another summer slips away................


Candace said...

But at least there's still time for blogging!
Hey, thanks for the tip about the recylcling group!

Janet said...

I can't believe it's already mid July. This time next month I'll be setting up my classroom...AGAIN.

Teacher27 said...

How true. I like what you say about "lunch breaks." It's impossible for us teachers to take a "lunch hour," like most people, can to run errands. And time does seem to accelerate in the summer.