Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I've Got a Store!

Been selling books on E-bay for 5+ years now - started doing it to help pay college bills. College is now over and done with but I've still got some of the bills to pay so I'm still at it . Even if I didn't have college bills, I'd do it for extra money - it's fun and bets the heck out of tutoring and other standard part time teacher jobs.

This weekend I took it to the next level and opened up an E-bay Store. For quite some time
E-bay has been evolving from an all auction site to a combination auction and fixed price market. The sellers balked at first but E-Bay sweetened the pot with discount fixed price days and over time most of us have succumbed. It's not nearly as much fun as an auction - it's such a thrill when an unknown book takes off and sells for way more than you think it would have- but buyers seem to like the fixed price format. Appeals that need for instant gratification that dwells within all of us.

E-Bay's been offering stores for some time and they've tweaked the process enough that the contents can now be found by searching the site. I read up on them on BookThink and decided to take the plunge. Took some tinkering with my Auction Management software but it's up and running.

And folks are buying the books! Makes my thrifty Dutch soul smile to know that all my books are now earning their keep, rather than sitting in a box doing nothing but being Kitty lounging pads.

I've always wanted to own a bookstore. Granted, this isn't quite what I envisioned. It doesn't have a kettle on the hearth and a cat purring in a rocking chair. It doesn't have that delightful smell of books of days gone by piles of enticing books spilling out of the shelves when you turn the corner. But as one gets older one adjusts ones dreams to fit the circumstances.

You can find me on E-bay at Books by Guusje


Christopher Trottier said...

I've always wanted to sell stuff on eBay, but I don't want to apply for a credit card.

Tor said...

I went over to your store, and am happy to see that you don't charge an arm and a leg for shipping. I sell some comics and other stuff on eBay occasionally, and am amazed when I see folks who want to charge five bucks to send one comic via Media Mail. I just want enough to cover the mailer and the postage. I actually put "low shipping" in the auction headings.

And Christopher, I don't have a credit card, yet I've been selling on eBay for a few years now. It's not necessary. They will verify your identity through other means, but it costs about $5 for you to have them do it.



Mr.Stuart said...


Just join blog...wish to share something with you all...

Heard of Ebay....they said it earned lot of $$$ from service charges...look like selling online is a potential business to do....Online Search Engine like Google has market capital as much as 120 Billion....overtake lots of famouse US company...