Sunday, November 06, 2005

We’re in Bastrop, Texas for the weekend where my beloved is playing in a golf tournament. My golf is not anywhere near tournament standards so I’ve been left at my own devices and to ponder assorted stray thoughts.

Is there a special school for decorators of budget motel rooms? I can’t phantom what would possess someone to use a decorative border on a narrow boxy room with high ceilings. Especially a border consisting of lurid chrysansamums on steroids. And then adding insult to injury by commissioning bedspreads in the exact same pattern.

Parents who allow their children to run and up down halls shouting at 8am deserve a wing entirely reserved for them, where their children can only disturb other parents whose children are also galloping in the halls.

The term Continental Breakfast is French. It brings to mind just squeezed orange juice, coffee au lait and flakey, freshly baked croissant. It does not mean a clammy muffin, a stale doughnut and muddy coffee with powdered creamer. That is not breakfast, that’s a nutritional wasteland.

Burr haircuts are not attractive on overweight, pasty faced boys. Especially when they adding to their future cholesterol problem by gobbling vast quantities of chicken McNuggets.


Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Oh, how I agree wholeheartedly with you about those demon spawn making a racket! It's bad enough that the maids slam the doors no matter what type of hotel you stay in. Wouldn't it be nice to obtain restful sleep while away? Some "continental breakfasts" are decent and other are like you described. I don't even travel very often at all(alhtough I'd love to), but my husband brings back descriptions similar to yours b/c he travels a lot for work.

Julie said...

"Continental breakfast" oh ha ha! So true. In England they have something similar, but they call it English breakfast. It's revolting, especially when it includes baked beans. I'm not making this up.

alice, uptown said...

I'd like to see airplanes that are for adults only -- the little brats screaming down the hall are ones you can at least call down to the desk to complain about. In an airplane? Kicking at your seat from behind? Sheer hell.

When I was little, my mom either doped us up (it's a little bit late to call child welfare on that one) or we sat quietly, with an array of toys supposed to occupy our time and an unspoken threat/agreement that we would behave like adults in a grown-up setting. These days, adults don't behave like adults.

As for English breakfasts, most of the ones I have had come accompanied by smoked salmon. "Continental" I think, depends on the continent. Isn't powdered creamer an oxymoron?

cluelesscarolinagirl said...

Can I get an AMEN? CAN I GET AN AMEN!!!

Robin said...

I always wondered about the term "continental breakfast."