Thursday, April 24, 2008

13 Reasons Today Should of Been Saturday

1. Alarm didn't go off

2. Forgot to put coffee in the coffee pot last night. No matter how state of the art the programmable coffee pot is , it does need actual coffee in it to operate.

3. Stopped at Starbucks for the necessary caffeine fix. Put cup in cup holder. Turned a corner. Cup fell out of cup holder spilling the latte in the process. Will have to clean floor mats when I get home

4. My new pants are to tight. Must stop eating sweets. Schools are not a good place to diet.

5. I was convinced it was Friday. It's Thursday. Still have tomorrow to get through.

6. The 3 headed monster known as the TAKS test rears its ugly head next week

7. The cat tried to use the litter box and missed.

8. The washing machine has temperament. I suspect it will soon become an ex-washing machine.

9. The hot, muggy summer weather has arrived with a vengeance. I fear record highs are in our future.

10. The batteries to the library laptops are giving up the ghost. No funds to replace them.

11. Teachers are very, very tired and tempers are short.

12. It's about time for a new laptop but I've not heard anything good about Vista.

13. The kids are wild and woolly and so ready for school to be over. So are we.

On a positive note - there are only 24 more days of school!

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Nancy said...

Fear not, for the new laptop...

you can get one with Window's XP on it.

Not Quite Grown Up said...

I was afraid of Vista at first, too. But I've discovered that it's really not that bad at all.

Library Girl said...

Ahhh... so many of these things, I could take on, as well. Enjoy your weekend! Oh, and re: the laptop - ever considered a MAC?

Natalie said...

ewwwwwwwww, not a fun day! i have an acer laptop that is running vista laptop and love it. i have had no problems using it.

Mrs. Meuse said...

Awesome, I love Thursday Thirteens! I've got to try this.