Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bizarre Buyer

I always enclose a card with my name, phone # and e-mail address with my orders. It’s saved my bacon more than once when I’ve had an unhappy buyer.

Yesterday I received a phone call that resulted in one of the most bizarre conversations I’ve ever had.

Me : “hello”.

Buyer ; Is this a bookstore?

Me: "Yes, I sell books ."

Buyer: “You sent the wrong book”

Me: “Oh, I’m so sorry, let me get upstairs so I can check my records. What book did you receive?”

Buyer: “Katherine by Allison Weir”

I tromp upstairs, pull up my Amazon orders and see that the order was for Katherine by Alison Weir.

Me: “ I see the order and it was indeed for Katherine by Weir”

Buyer (very irate) “I told my son to order Katherine by Anya Seton and you didn’t have it so you talked him into buying Katherine by Alison Weir.

Me (thinking to myself - I talked to the buyer? Amazon doesn’t let me talk to buyers, they won’t even give me an email address)

Me – out loud, “I’m sorry but the order was for Katherine by Weir. I’m very familiar with the Seton book (which I own & love) and I know the order wasn’t for that one."

Buyer (even more irate) “yes it was, and I want you to send me the Seton book”.

Me: I’m sorry, I don’t have a copy of that book for sale. If you’ll return the other book I’ll be happy to refund your money”

Buyer (still irate) “I want the Seton book first, then I’ll return the other one”.

Me “I don’t have the Seton book”

We go back and forth for about 10 minutes and I finally convince her I really, really don’t have the Seton book. She tells me about her son, her family and why she wants the Seton book. By the time we are done I know all the names of her daughters and granddaughters and how she wants the Seton book for Anastasia because she’s named after Katherine. I didn’t ask her to elaborate on that statement! She agrees to return the Weir book – after I tell her all about that unfamiliar institution called the Post Office and how you can take packages there and mail them.

I hang up and send son an e-mail via Amazon telling him Mom is not happy and that when I get the Weir book back I’ll issue him a refund. I am really glad she can’t leave feedback and hope that son is saner than his mother. I haven’t heard back from son yet.

I wonder if I’ll get the Weir book back?

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