Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Library2Play2 - Thing #6 iTouch Apps.

I'm already in love with the Apple Apps. The iPhone entered my life in December of 2007 and we've never been parted. It's one of my silent partner in my book selling biz. I have the Amazon & E-bay apps loaded, plus a couple of restaurant finders (book scouting brings on an appetite).

I followed the link to The Pinch Feed for Apps - and immediately wished they had a G rated version. I don't think iHandgun or sexy lingerie has any educational value.

I also read a couple of the blogs written by teachers who used them in the classroom but didn't find them as helpful as I wished. The iTouches were handed out but there didn't appear to be much follow up in how useful they were.

I can see these being used on field trips - the Google Map app and the Wikepedia app would be invaluable. Curious about something - well just look it up! There are a couple of mileage apps that have potential too. The games could also soothe the savage beast during the in transit time .

iTouch time is going to be an AR celebration in the upcoming school year. I suspect the kids will come up with uses that will astound me. Only, I wish there was a way block sexy lingerie.


Messi said...

I chanced upon to view your blog and found it very interesting. Great ... Keep it up!

Anonymous said...
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atxteacher said...

Great idea using the iTouch on field trips. You could do a scavenger hunt type thing where questions are posted at various spots at the field trip location. Kids would research the answers on their iTouches, post the answers to their blogs, and head to the next spot. What a great way to make the field trip interactive and hold them accountable for learning.

Anonymous said...
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