Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Musings While Fasting

Had one of those fun medical tests that require one to fast and hang out in the waiting room.
Ah, the joys of getting older. Not.

  1. Real Simple Magazine is not the best choice of reading material when one is fasting
  2. Coffee always smells really good but when you can't have a cup it smells extra specially good.
  3. Waiting room chairs are uncomfortable.
  4. White slacks and pink underwear are not a good combination.
  5. White slacks & pink underwear with the word "WOW" on the backside are a very bad combination.
  6. If you are wearing white slacks & pink underwear with the word "WOW" on the backside you should avoid bending over.
  7. I wonder what the wearer of the white slacks & pink underwear with the the word "WOW" on the backside would do if I pointed out her fashion faux paus?


Mamalibearian said...

I think I saw her in a pink bikini last week! hehe! Hope the tests all come back good for you!

arkreynoldsa said...

Had it been a few years ago it could have been our youngest. She really preferred I not comment on her choice of clothing but there are just times I could not resist. One such time was when she was going to the front of the church to receive communion and her red thong was hanging out of her slacks - me thinks they were too big and pulled up way to high;-)

MrsRis said...

Let's face it.... fasting makes you a little crabby, eh?

For me too... I had the same deal last week, and I was a bit of a mess.

Reminds me what hunger really feels like... and that can be a good thing.