Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fleas for Fun & Profit

We had a mild winter, a short spring and then summer arrived with a vengeance. We are now experiencing 90 % humidity a 105 heat index and fleas. They appear to have an immunity to Advantage and FrontLine so it was time to lock up the cats and bring out the flea bombs.

Sunday morning appeared to be the optimum since My Beloved had a golf game. My Beloved is Fragile Flower, who is allergic to everything, including residual flea bomb scent.

I locked the cats on the upstairs balcony, turned off the Air Conditioner, sprung the bombs and fled the house. The plan was to hole up at
Waldo’s Coffee House and linger over a latte and their Whi-Fi.

On the way I spotted a garage sale sign (I don’t normally go garage sailing on Sundays). Of course I had to check it out. It was a bust but on the way back I passed another, newly opened sale.

It yielded 4 textbooks, 2 other books with decent prices and ranks, 3 vintage calculators (very ebayable) and a Melissa & Doug wooden floor puzzle.

$200 in book inventory + E-bay stock! Wish that fleas were always so profitable!

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Grendel said...

My stray, Attila, who refuses to become a pet, is scratching all the time. I go to the vet once a month and buy Revolution, chase Attila around the house, and hope to get some of the liquid on her rather than on me!I guess it isn't working. I don't ever see fleas, but she is scratching for some reason. I don't know much about fleas, but Dayna is going to catsit while I am out of town, and I don't want her to take fleas home to her two beautiful and lovingly combed and brushed kitties.