Saturday, June 28, 2008

Even the Fashionesta

Find a dress for my role as Mother of the Bride. .

The Bride’s Requirments:

Colors : red and ivory
Bride in a long dress, bridesmaids in short frocks
5pm Outdoor ceremony – in Miami Beach – in August
Indoor reception, sit down dinner

My Requirements:
Knee length skirt (did the mini skirt thing in my youth)
No spaghetti straps or low cut necks
No pale pastels, no sofa cover size flowers and no sequins or bugle beads
The Mother of the Bride really should not wear black. We are thrilled about the groom, black might send the wrong message

No more than 3 numbers to the left of the decimal point of the price

Prior to my arrival the Head Fashionesta at Nordstrom pulled 4 outfits.
I tried them all on. She rejected them all. . One thing I love about the Fashionestas at Nordstrom, they won’t sell you something just for the sake of their commissions.

We commenced to walk the store. Twice. From top to bottom. And bottom to top.

2 hours later: Big Sigh. Well, I’ll keep my eyes open, hopefully I’ll find something when the things come in for our big Anniversary Sale next month. "

Stay tuned.


Library Girl said...

ARGH! Sorry you didn't find something yet. My Mother ended up at a bridal store in the Champions area, no where near where we live, but she got a fairly nice suit/dress/whatever for a decent price. I'll try to think of some other places, too. :)

VWB said...

o I am so disappointed...but glad to know the photo was not "it"!

am anxiously waiting for the update!

LKP said...

You should try to find something in raw silk that is very tailored, you would look good in that --- I think, have you tried Neiman's, or maybe one of really high end shops in the Town and Country shopping mecca. Anyway, good luck and keep us posted!!!

Mrs. Meuse said...

This one really had me laughing. Good luck on the search. I enjoy reading your blog, nice mix of personal & professional information. Thanks for your comments!

CLM said...

I can't believe one of the twins is getting married! Hard to believe they are old enough. Which one is it? I am glad you like the fiance.

Book Nook Girl said...

Sorry you haven't found one yet! Keep looking - the right dress is out there and it will meet both of your requirements!

Vanessa said...

I like your post. Really it was interesting. You should try to search something in raw materials, and go to good tailor who can help you. You would look pretty in that Anyway, good luck :)